Good Customer Service – What to Do as an Internet Marketer

How do you decide whether to return to a particular store or business when you shop? Most people would answer that it has to do with the people they encounter there and the overall level of customer service! If you think about it, when you decide what stores, restaurants or services to patronize, a lot of it comes down to customer service. Customer service is essential to the success of any business, and this is something that many internet marketers need to learn. The impersonality of the internet may make online marketers feel anonymous, but they still have to focus on customer service if they want to get more customers! You can use these tips and suggestions to start providing better customer service to your website visitors.

Email your current customers to see what suggestions they have for improvement. The most important thing is to let them know you really do care about their opinion, but that you may not be able to act on every suggestion given. You may be shocked by the information you get. You never know, this could even remind a few people that they were going to buy something from you! In a single email that allows for feedback, you could draw in hundreds of dollars of sales. Another way to offer great customer service is sending a discount email to someone that buys a product from you.

It’s extremely easy to make this possible, especially if you use an automatic responder, and the customers will oftentimes come back to your site to redeem the discount! This is a great way to add hundred, or maybe even thousands, of dollars to your bottom line. Everyone loves bargains and sales! Another way you could do this is to offer a coupon code that can be entered at your website, or even personalize a product specifically for them when they reply to your email.

When setting up your website, make sure you have a customer support system in place, so people can ask questions or make comments regarding the product they’ve purchased from you. In fact, if you are difficult to contact, you may never make many sales in the first place. Without any support or contact information, a site appears to be fly-by-night and not someone to trust.

You want to provide as much personal service as your customers want. That’s why you have to provide some contact information. While this may seem like a lot of work, you have to consider how this can make more people willing to trust you and buy from you. Sometimes it takes that level of personal contact to turn a looker into a buyer. Offline businesses aren’t the only ones that need to pay attention to customer service. People aren’t going to continue to buy from you if they perceive you as someone who doesn’t care about their needs. As with other business models, excellent customer service can be what helps your online business stand out. Are you doing everything you can to create and keep happy customers?

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